1 Nov 2009

The Stickler 2009

For some reason every one at the end of the The Stickler said they had really enjoyed the race. If you had seen their faces as they sat around the playground of Shillingstone Primary school at the end you might have thought otherwise. It was a beautiful day, with sunny skies and a strong wind on the top of the hills. The course was mud free and only 2 sections were steep and slippery down hills.

Last time I ran The Stickler I did 2:01 this time I did 1:54 so the lunchtime runs must be doing some good.

The race is very well organised and has the best bacon rolls in the world on offer at the end, if you are tempted.


  1. Lucky it wasn't this weekend instead!

  2. nice one! that's a great time for a 10m-er :)

  3. Kate - Well the quick ones do it in just over the hour. I just aim to not get a DNF. More on that in my next post...

    John - The winter seems to have arrived, the whole family went camping on Friday night near Eype, luckily we were all tucked up in bed at home by Saturday night

  4. I would like to correct Ben - his actual time was 1:53:40. Hiding his light again!