24 Dec 2008

In and back

Ran into Weymouth from Dorchester this yesterday morning and then back again in the evening. As we reached about 2 miles I was beginning to wonder if running back was such a good idea. I did feel a bit better towards the end but not much. At this time of year we spend half the time with headtorches on as the majority of the route is off road.

On the way back I felt much better, legs felt heavy bit much better overall. I think it is probably to do with not having enough food in the morning. I have still not completely worked out how much carbohydrate I need after after the operation.

16 Dec 2008

Wet 5 miler

Everywhere was very wet today, thick fog all morning but by the time I got out it had cleared and warmed up slightly. I ran up the hill past the tree protester though some muddy fields. I have got some sympathy with the protests because there are some beautiful big trees covering the steep slopes.

Shoes are holding up well, much better now I have sorted out the laces. The material used for the soles is quite hard and does not provide as much grip on hard surfaces as, for instance, the Saucony Jazz, but will probably last longer

8 Dec 2008

Asics Gel Enduro 4 - Inital look

I got my new Asics Gel Enduro 4 from Pete Bland Sports and have worn these for a week now. To be fair to them mainly in conditions that would be more suited to my Inov-8s.

Apologies for the poor picture quality, the only time I seem to be at home with time to take photos it is dark.

Overall it has been a very good start
  • good cushioning without feeling spongy
  • uppers are fairly solid and look as if the will last
  • Grip has been reasonable considering the boggy stuff I have been running in lately. Ideal for mixed road and footpaths which is what I bought them for.
However I am struggling to get the fit right over the arch of my foot, because I have a high arch it can get a lot of pressure over the top of the foot.

First experiment was to miss out a hole in the lacing. This was not too successful so as I was out running last night in my Inov-8s I thought why don't I use the lacing system recommended by them. Results to follow...

7 Dec 2008

Me jealous?

I may have to stop reading PTCs blog. His day trip to Beinn Ghlas makes me wish we lived in Scotland, instead of the other end of the country. Beautiful photos and a great write up.

29 Nov 2008

November Check up

Had a check-up at Dorchester renal clinic today. Consultant was very happy, blood pressure low. Staying on same medication.

26 Nov 2008

Alpkit Wee Airic

The new mat arrived very quickly from Alpkit. First impression is very light and easy to fold up and slide down the back of my POD Cragsac. Not quite as study as old 3/4 length Thermarest but smaller and only £17.50 so I am not complaining. Looking forward to real test soon.

Prize arrived from Darren now I need to buy one of those Nalgene hip flasks before we go to Brecon Beacons.

24 Nov 2008

Good start to a monday

Ran 7 miles from Dorchester to Weymouth to work today, beautiful morning but quite cold. Feet took a while to warm up afterwards. Felt a bit faint at the start but it went after a bit of walking.

At the renal clinic later in the morning they said my blood pressure was 110/74 which is the lowest I can remeber. This may have explained the feeling this morning. Everything else was fine and consultant very happy "come back in 3 months".

20 Nov 2008

Thursday run

5 miles in about 52 mins. Up wilson hill and then back via Nottington.

Wee Airic arrived today from Alpkit - looking forward to trying it, seems very compact.

19 Nov 2008

I have won

Just had an email from Darren to say that I have won something in his competition. How good is that.

18 Nov 2008

First run for a while

After having a man cold for a couple of weeks, I went out for my first run for a while 3 miles round the reserve. Felt OK but flagged towards the end.

1 Nov 2008

Training log

27 Feb 09 : 4 miles
26 Feb 09 : 5 miles
24 Feb 09 : 5 miles
23 Feb 09 : 4 miles

21 Feb 09 : 5 milrs
19 Feb 09 : 4 miles (1 mile PB 7.29)
18 Feb 09 : 4 miles
16 Feb 08 : 40 mins turbo trainer
15 Feb 08 : 40 mins turbo trainer

12 Feb 09 : 5 miles
10 Feb 09 : 3 miles
09 Feb 09 : 5 miles

08 Feb 09 : 12 miles
05 Feb 09 : 5 miles
04 Feb 09 : 3 miles

1 Feb 09 : 14 miles
27 Jan 09 : 5 miles

25 Jan 09 : 12 miles
22 Jan 09 : 4 miles
21 Jan 09 : 5.5 miles
20 Jan 09 : 5 miles

18 Jan 09 : 10 miles
16 Jan 09 : 5 miles :
13 Jan 09 : 4 miles :
12 Jan 09 : 4 miles : Branksome Park

11 Jan 09 : 7 miles : North Hill/West Bay
08 Jan 09 : 3 miles
07 Jan 09 : 3.5 miles

03 Jan 09 : 7 miles
01 Jan 09 : 4 miles : North Hill 40 mins
29 Dec 08 : 4 miles : Hills

23 Dec 08 : 7.5 miles : Run back
23 Dec 08 : 7.5 miles : Run to work

19 Dec 08 : 2 miles : Last run and sea swim with my friends at work
16 Dec 08 : 5 miles
12 Dec 08 : 5 miles

23 Oct 2008

Current kit list

I have been reading a lot about going light weight backpacking in TGO and various blogs.

This is my current list of kit in bracket after some of the items is the light weight alternative I would like to buy.


Solar 2 tent (Laser)
TNF Blue kazoo sleeping bag
Bivvy bag
Pod Expod rucksack 70 litre (OMM - MM45+10RL The Villain MSC or ...)
Pod 40 ltr cragsac 40 litre
MSR pocket rocket stove
MSR titan kettle
Montane Superfly
Montane Terra pants
Asolo Fugitive GTX
White Box Stove


Inov8 flyroc
Asics Gel Enduro 4
OMM RunningLight rucksack
Montane windshirt
Ron Hill Trckster - original may not be the best but I love em.

13 Oct 2008

Run to work

Ran 8 miles to work today, partly in the dark. It was at a reasonable speed for me but felt hard at the end. During long runs like this strange thoughts come into our head - "If you wear a wicking top inside out do you get wetter" and then "When they put the first electricity pylon up and it made that buzzing noise in the rain did they panic". I am using a Petzl Myo 3 headtorch which is working OK might upgrade to Myo XP.

12 Oct 2008

I am back

I hope to use this site to record my activities and sometimes adventures in the outdoors. My main interests are off road running, backpacking and cycling (on and off road). I am also going to records some of experiences of having had a kidney pancreas transplant for over a year now.

In case you were wondering about the title it a reference to one of my first tents, seen above at Lake Stream hut, Nelson New Zealand. I know you cannot tell that for the picture but trust me.