16 Jun 2007

Run out

Well we made it back. After about 2 miles I got very low and spent the next half an hour stuff glucose tablets in to myself. It was a lot harder on the way back because of the terrain and obviously it was the second run of the day. At the end although we were all shattered I think we felt comfortable that we could manage another 8 miles on 30 June which is the aim.

15 Jun 2007

Run in

Ran in to work this morning. About 10k off-road, which we have done a few times before .. however today we are planning to run back again.

This morning blood glucose was 7.7 an hour before the run and 11.0 after the run. 40 minutes into the run I had a Honey Stinger gel.

14 Jun 2007

2nd Call

On Monday morning I got my second call from Oxford. The logistics this time were a bit different as we were both at work so had to get home, contact my parents to pick up the kids, and then left form Oxford.

After about an hour and a half we got a phone call in the car to say that the organ were not suitable and they were cancelling the operation. We turned around and headed home. I had mixed feelings again - relief that the stress and anxiety of getting there is over and disappointment that it is not going to happen this time.

2 Jun 2007

For Starters

I am on the waiting list for a simultaneous kidney pancreas transplant at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. This month I have started to get phone calls asking if I can come in for an operation to be the reserve recipient. I guess that means I am near the top of the list.

In this blog I am hoping to log my progress on the waiting list and during recovery afterwards.