24 Dec 2008

In and back

Ran into Weymouth from Dorchester this yesterday morning and then back again in the evening. As we reached about 2 miles I was beginning to wonder if running back was such a good idea. I did feel a bit better towards the end but not much. At this time of year we spend half the time with headtorches on as the majority of the route is off road.

On the way back I felt much better, legs felt heavy bit much better overall. I think it is probably to do with not having enough food in the morning. I have still not completely worked out how much carbohydrate I need after after the operation.

16 Dec 2008

Wet 5 miler

Everywhere was very wet today, thick fog all morning but by the time I got out it had cleared and warmed up slightly. I ran up the hill past the tree protester though some muddy fields. I have got some sympathy with the protests because there are some beautiful big trees covering the steep slopes.

Shoes are holding up well, much better now I have sorted out the laces. The material used for the soles is quite hard and does not provide as much grip on hard surfaces as, for instance, the Saucony Jazz, but will probably last longer

8 Dec 2008

Asics Gel Enduro 4 - Inital look

I got my new Asics Gel Enduro 4 from Pete Bland Sports and have worn these for a week now. To be fair to them mainly in conditions that would be more suited to my Inov-8s.

Apologies for the poor picture quality, the only time I seem to be at home with time to take photos it is dark.

Overall it has been a very good start
  • good cushioning without feeling spongy
  • uppers are fairly solid and look as if the will last
  • Grip has been reasonable considering the boggy stuff I have been running in lately. Ideal for mixed road and footpaths which is what I bought them for.
However I am struggling to get the fit right over the arch of my foot, because I have a high arch it can get a lot of pressure over the top of the foot.

First experiment was to miss out a hole in the lacing. This was not too successful so as I was out running last night in my Inov-8s I thought why don't I use the lacing system recommended by them. Results to follow...

7 Dec 2008

Me jealous?

I may have to stop reading PTCs blog. His day trip to Beinn Ghlas makes me wish we lived in Scotland, instead of the other end of the country. Beautiful photos and a great write up.