8 Dec 2008

Asics Gel Enduro 4 - Inital look

I got my new Asics Gel Enduro 4 from Pete Bland Sports and have worn these for a week now. To be fair to them mainly in conditions that would be more suited to my Inov-8s.

Apologies for the poor picture quality, the only time I seem to be at home with time to take photos it is dark.

Overall it has been a very good start
  • good cushioning without feeling spongy
  • uppers are fairly solid and look as if the will last
  • Grip has been reasonable considering the boggy stuff I have been running in lately. Ideal for mixed road and footpaths which is what I bought them for.
However I am struggling to get the fit right over the arch of my foot, because I have a high arch it can get a lot of pressure over the top of the foot.

First experiment was to miss out a hole in the lacing. This was not too successful so as I was out running last night in my Inov-8s I thought why don't I use the lacing system recommended by them. Results to follow...

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