22 Nov 2009

Quick kit check

A couple of peices of kit worked really well on the Wessex ridgeway trip.

I was originally intending to take my OMM Running Light sack but it was just too small. Instead I took the OMM Villain recently bought from Baz. It was a bit too big for the job but still worked really well. I stripped most things off it and swapped the Platformat back for a cut down bit of foam mat. Very comfortable all day even when running. One of the best things are the pockets on the hip belt. Why have I never had a sack with these before? Genius.

The other saviour on the day was my Montrail Streak shoes. Before the day I had only been out in them 3 or 4 times, so it was a bit of a gamble trying to do over 30 miles a day with them. They are a great shoe with good cushioning and enough grip for muddy hills and tracks. They are not as agile as my Inov8 Flyrocs nor have as much grip but I think my feet were grateful for the extra cushioning by the end. The uppers are very free flowing is probably the best phrase, on a windy day you can feel the breeze round your toes. So probably not a shoe for mid winter. For a better review have a look here at backpackbrewers site

Recently cleaned Steaks

As I have recently worn out 2 pairs of old wool/nylon socks the next thing to look out for is socks suitable for light backpacking/walking/running.


  1. Glad you're getting on with the bag. I wont buy a rucksack these days if they dont have pockets on the hipbelts.

  2. have you tried the omm 20lt? really comfy and can fit solo or shared kit for 2 days-and has hip pockets!

  3. I got the Villain for backpacking really not running but it worked fine. I would like something a bit smaller OMM 20 is the new version of what I have got and look perfect expandable capacity and hip pockets. Should I buy another sack - yes ...no... yes... no maybe you cant have too many.

  4. thanks for the link to my review. They are a really nice pair of shoes and I am tempted to try them out in the depths of winter as long as I can get my hands on a pair of Rocky's goretex socks first

  5. i too have a 'problem' with sacs....just purchased the new 15lt omm. used it at the weekend and very impressed. prefer it to the last drop, again due to the hip pockets and much less 'flappy' when carrying less than the 20lt