11 Oct 2009

Asics Gel Enduro 4 - Final look

I have had these shoes since December last year (Asics Gel Enduro 4 - Initial look). I have used them for 5 to 10 mile runs mainly on road with some off road. I may have done about 350 miles in them. For long off road run I normally use my Inov8 flyrocs. The midsole has pretty much had it and the sole is coming unglued. This may be due to the wet conditions but is pretty disappointing for less than a year. The upper is still in very good condition.

Shoes are a very personal choice but from my point of view here are the pros and cons.

- very good value
- ideal for mix of road and off-road
- durable upper

- Sole coming unglued
- Tread pattern not deep enough for steep ground
- not enough cushioning for long road runs

What next? Montrail Streaks maybe.


  1. I have a pair of Montrail streaks and they are excellent. I will do a write up sometime soon on my blog.....well soonish.... :)

  2. i read somewhere you should probably change shoes every 300/400 miles anyway. due to finances i never do this, so maybe it's a myth perpetrated by shoe companies ;)

  3. Dave - My finger is hovering over the Submit Order button, I can't hold it much longer.

    Kate - yes normally I manage at least a year out of my shoes. If the 300/400 miles is true it might just be for pure road running.

    Probably wear old inov-8s for The Stickler


  4. Inov-8 and be done with it. Then Montrail Streaks would be nice. Choice is annoying sometimes.

  5. I have got an old pair of Inov-8 flyrocs which may have to be replaced soon with the newer flyrocs. However on my feet now are a pair of Streaks fresh out of the box. I have got a trip across Dorset planned during which I will probably wear the Streaks.