18 Jan 2011

The search for hills continues

Having started the new year with a new job I am struggling to get some miles in. The Grizzly is fast approaching.

The new job is going well, thanks for asking, but there is a distinct lack of hills around Bournemouth Airport in the Stour Valley. Lunchtime runs are short and flat, not great training for a long hilly run.

Plans for 2011 are still a bit vague. On the horizon are a couple of days backpacking on Dartmoor, a Scotland trip, the next section of Offas Dyke, the Grizzly and a possible support run on the Oner. Actually when I think about it looks like a good year on the way.

If anyone knows how I can get from Hay on Wye to Monmouth by public transport, I would be grateful to hear.


  1. Good luck with the walking plans Ben. Happy trails ahead.

  2. Keep on hiking, give up running and take up paddling. Far more sensible and hills not required! From an old car-share buddy, making the world right & sharing grumpy old GIT syndrome......

  3. being Bmth base I used to use the Bmth/Poole Chines for hill training when out for a run.

    Bassic rule-up the first Chine-and down the next without cutting any out. Maybe not ideal if your up by XChurch International Airport (lol)

    Failing that - tried Ramsdown Hill at Hurn for hill work?

  4. When I worked in Westbourne the chines were perfect. Someone else suggested Hurn so I must get out there one lunchtime. Thanks. I have decided to try and fit in a few more backpacking trips this year so running is going to take a back seat.