27 Jan 2011

Corfe Castle run

Many were called but few are chosen, well few didn't think up excuses fast enough. I invited 6 people to come for a Tuesday night run in the Purbeck hills, but in the end it was just me and Simon.

Having parked in the dark shadow of the castle we started the run up towards Nine Barrows Down.  We followed the excellent track on the way up with the guns of Lulworth range booming behind us. As we approached the top our enthusiasm to reach one of Dorset Marilyns meant we left the track and on the way down struggled to rejoin it.

Crossing the road to Ballard Down we ran along the side of the hill before turning for the steep climb to the Obelisk. Luckily there was a plaque we could pretend to read as we caught our breath.

Once through Studland we ran through sandy heathland and woods back to Corfe Castle.  This was a mix of small road and forest tracks, at that time of night only over looked by deer and rabbits.

We both agreed that we should come back in the daylight because it was a great route and the views over Poole Harbour and Swanage must be amazing.  I have only included this photo of Swanage to prove it came out... sort of.

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