17 Aug 2010

Not too long now

Just under 3 weeks to go until Across Wales Walk. At the moment I am feeling a mixture of nervousness and  "well there is nothing I can do now".  A sluggish 5 mile run at lunchtime did not help my feeling of preparedness.  I have got a trip to Dartmoor to organise and the Dorset Doddle to run. They will help keep my mind of it for a while.

As I have mentioned before here, I have 3 ways of estimating finish time.

Option 1 - minutes per mile
Last long run/walk was at 17 minutes per mile so this gives 13.5 hours

Option 2 - Double last year's winners time
Last year the winning time was 8.5 hours so that is 17 hours

Option 3 - 80th percentile
Looking at the results that is about 16 hours

None of them look very good. I guess Option 2 gives the best indication of the terrain and distance, but hopefully I will nearer Option 3, 16 hours..

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