21 Jul 2010

Finishing the Wessex Ridgeway

This is our 3rd attepmt to finish the Wessex Ridgeway.  Previous attempt include a DNF in the Wessex Relay race organised Gillingham Trotters, then last November we tried to do the whole route in 2 very wet and windy days. See this post for details.

Last weekend we started at Beaminster followed the Rdigeway route as far as Wootton Fitzpaine, before heading to Charmouth on the coast and along the coastal path to West Bay.  25 miles and about 5,800 feet ascent.

The perfect training run for Nigel who is doing the Dorset Doodle with me and Simon who is doing the Across Wales with me.  I am sure I have got the short straw there.

It was a great day, perfect weather and a very good route.  However we decided that they have got the name wrong.  Ridgeway conjures up following a rocky narrow route that stays high above the green lowlands.  It should be called "Wessex up one hill, down, look around for the next big hlll and go up that".   Not as snappy as Ridgeway but more accurate.

The best part of the day was early on when we climbed Lewesdon Hill and stood amongst the pine trees over looking the steep sothern slopes.  A beautiful place with great views across Marshwood Vale to the sea.

I forgot to take my camera so instead of a beautiful view from Lewesdon Hill all you get is my blister. That is a blister plaster not the actual blister.

On the kit front I was very pleased with my Montane Bionic T-Shirt, the mixture of polyester and wool makes it very comfortable in a range of temperatures and it wicks very well without feeling clammy.  I will definitely be using this on the longer events coming up.


  1. foot photo fail! more gore please.

  2. Sorry will try harder next time. Remember Ben more gore.