4 Feb 2010

Stickler plus a bit

The idea was to meet up in Shillingstone and do the Stickler route in reverse plus a bit because we all wanted to do more than the 10 mile. What is the definition of a bit? It turned out that a bit was another 9 miles.

We started up Hambledon Hill and had beautiful view down the River Stour. The conditions were freezing and the ground was rock hard with frost. Next was Hod Hill and down to Stourpaine.

We left the Stickler route at the top of Norton Lane and headed through Turnworth. Doubling back on ourselves from Oke Breacon we ran through Blandford Forest and back down to Durweston. Rather than run along the road we decided to cross over and run along the old railway track.

As is obvious to anyone who can read a map this was not a good move but to 4 tired runners the gap where the railway bridge was before Dr Beeching came as a bit of a surprise.

So we headed back towards Hod Hill and eventually Shillingstone. 19 miles in about 4 hours. Home for a fry up.

For the full route click on the map below.


  1. nice one. a well earned fry up. i've taken many an 'interesting' route choice when tired ;)

  2. I do so like that area -especially Hambledon Hill

    Any chance of publishing your route as a reference for a possible future wander of my own?

  3. No problem John. I will get on to it. It may seem a bit tortuous but I am sure you can make something out of it.

    Kate yes it did get interesting. Glad to see you are back training. Are you thinking about going for a training weekend on the route of the WHW?

  4. yeh, it's good to be getting back on track. i'm planning on doing the 'fling' in april, which is the first half of the route. will be a good test of fitness!!!

  5. John I have added the route, if I were walking it I would go Shillingstone , Hambledon Hill, Hod Hill, Turnworth and then follow the Wessex Ridgeway back to Shillingstone