12 Feb 2010

Flyrocs old and new

Thought I would give a few of my impressions of the new Flyroc 310s now that I have been out in them a few times. The toe bumper and the rand are more substantial on the new version. The sole pattern is exactly the same but it does seem to be made out of a harder rubber compound. This may however be just because of the age of my old pair and with time the new ones may soften up.

On both edges of the ball of the foot there is some extra protection with is helpful for running on rocky ground. The same textured rubber coating is around the heel, which is slightly higher. As far as the weight goes they are supposed to be the same but I have not check as this would entail cleaning the mud off.

Apologies for the photos the front and back of the shoe are in fact in perfect proportion :)

Overall the new version feels like a more substantial shoe but still make a comfortable light off-road running shoe. I have mainly been running in the new ones but my impression is that they will be a better walking shoe than the old version.

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