12 May 2009

Loch Lomond

Fri 8 May
Dad and I arrived in Glasgow early Friday morning and set off towards Loch Lomond. The weather forecast had been very bad and as we reached Adlui the sun was breaking out but patches of rain were also sweeping across the hills.

We drove up and down the road and eventually found the right lay-by in Ardlui. Starting the climb towards Stob an Fhithich, we reached the trees and could see a small waterfall at the ridge and great views over Loch Lomond.

The wind was very strong on the ridge and we stopped to put on extra clothes, before carrying on to Stob nan Coinnich Bhacain and down Corrie Creagach.

We went to Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum for some great pie and chips, and then to an expensive unfriendly B&B, but that is another story.

Sat 9 May
The sky was a bit greyer and the clouds seemed here to stay. We decided to start up An Caisteal and see what happened to the weather. The climb up to the ridge was hard work and the rain was turning to snow as we reached the ridge and Sron Gharbh.

Further along the ridge the snow got heavier and thicker underfoot so reluctantly we decieded to turn back. Despite the look on my face it was a great trip and a memorable experience.


  1. Nice Photos Ben,it looks like you had a good time.
    Crazy weather we're having snow in May!

  2. Thanks it was definitely worth the trip even though we didn't do as much as we had originally planned.

  3. Wow Ben snow!!! I wonder if it will ever melt on the summits this year in Scotland ? I noticed on another blog the amount of snow on Ben Nevis on Monday. Some nice photos there by the way.