6 May 2009

Decision Time

It has been arranged for months, Friday booked off work, flight arranged, babysitter for 3 days lined up (Thanks Mum), one person has even broken in new boots for the trip and now MWIS tell us conditions are going to be difficult with Heavy showers, of snow above 700m;. Do we go anyway and walk a bit of the West Highland Way in the rain (1992 all over again)? Do we go and walk some other lower level hills? Whatever we do I need to go to Scotland soon, you can only stay away so long. I wish there was a webcam on Ben Vorlich, they really must sort that out.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ben,the weather looks grim for this weekend in Scotland but that means less people on the hills ;)
    Have a good time whatever you decide to do.
    all the best