8 Jun 2012

Sport Relief - What a relief

I have got a bit of a blogging backlog going on. My sense of order means I have to write up one of our previous adventures first.

Will’s challenge for Sport Relief this year was to swim 400 metres, Bike 40 miles and run 4 miles from South Dorset to Somerset (where his grandparents live).

We had to delay this event due to illness a couple of times. Eventually the plan was set for a Sunday in May. The weather forecast was high winds and heavy rain. The weather forecast was right.

Well we decided to set off anyway and see how it went. The swim went well, Bridport leisure centre kindly let him swim during Adult only lanes session because it was a special event.  The first bit of the bike leg to Axminster was hilly and wet and cold. We struggled and I thought this would be the end. But we were saved by our support vehicle (Mum and sister) with hot drinks, dry kit and cake.

As we got nearer to the Somerset border we were turned back twice by flooded roads.After meeting up with the support vehicle a couple of times we eventually made it to the start of the run.

What could go wrong, well nothing until we were a mile from the finish. The fields around the River Tone were flooded and we struggled to even wade through the water to get to the bridge. A great effort and a great day.

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