7 Jan 2010

Snow at last

I have at last started building up some mile for the Grizzly. Last week 23 miles and the plan for this week is 26. We have been very lucky in South Dorset I suppose and have had very little snow until yesterday. I am a bit envious seeing other bloggers getting out walking and running in the snow. Today I could not run at lunchtime because the paths were too icy, which was a bit frustrating. Tonight I read that other people have found the solution. Tea and Cake is inspiring even when not running/biking/mountain marathoning (not sure that is a verb).

I am now ready for tomorrow.


  1. yay! it's brilliant to see how this is catching on. i saw it here first. the only thing i found is that you need more screws than you think. enjoy the run :)

  2. I would echo Kates sentiment, Its a P for Plenty! You probably don't want to bury them as deep as you might thing, as the more exposed the more grip they'll get.
    Happy running!

  3. Dear Boots

    Cracking idea.