11 Sep 2009

Tent bags

It has become obvious over the years of trying to get tents into bags which are marginally too small that there is a world shortage of tent bag material.

My proposal is that we setup a Tent Bag Cooperative, the name is TBC.

Within this organisation the following rules apply

medium tent owners give their bags to the small tent owners
large tents owners give their bags to medium tent owners
enormous tent owners give their bags to large tent owners

Definition of enormous, large, medium, small to be defined at a later date.
“enormous tent owners” refers to the tent not the owner

Enormous tent owners left with no bag.
Left over small bags.

Solution 1
Sell small bags on eBay and use profit to buy enormous bags.
This will only work if tent distribution is biased towards the small end, which I don’t think it is.

Solution 2
Setup a not for profit organisation to manufacture enormous bags
Everyone who enters the scheme has to pay a minimal fee which is used by the organisation
Use the small tent bags as peg bags for large and enormous tents.

Any thoughts?


  1. you might well be on to something, you've obviously given it a lot of thought ;)
    i've given up completely with bags and use luggage ties now!

  2. That is what 35 minute on a train to and from work does for you. Looking out the window wishing I was in the hills, does not help my sanity.

  3. With my company(LRP - work that out) with your first purchase you get four free tent bags, one of each size. This encourages you to buy your next tent from me for a snug fit.


  4. LRP

    If you really are in the business of making tents and bags, just make a bag that the tent fits in when it is wet and your hands are cold!

    LRP? Last Required Purchase, Lost Rational Perception

  5. someone please explain to me why on earth Hilleberg put their tents into such enormous, cavernous tent bags and Terra-Nova give you a tent bag that appears to be too small????

  6. Dave
    I have only go experience of Terra Nova and Saunders so cant comment on Hilleberg. If only Akto and Laser owners could put their differences to one side and join the scheme :)

  7. Laser bag is good. Akto bag is huge for sure but needed as it is a big soggy mess to roll up and put away. The new blog layout is looking great by the way.

    PS the Tarp Tent Scarp rolls up in it bag sooooo easy it is criminal.

  8. Martin
    Thanks for comment on blog I have been experimenting with XML Template editing.

    On the Scarp, you don't need to convince me it is on my wish list.

  9. Small tent bags make them look good in the shop - large ones make them far easier to pack! :)

    I've been repacking mine into two since I picked up the tip from one of Podcast Bob's podcasts. Makes life very much easier.

    Even repacking the Laser Comp' into one large bag makes a big difference to how easy it is to squash into the pack.