19 Aug 2009

Upcoming Doddle

On Sunday I am going to have another go at the Dorset Doddle. Last year I cover the 32 miles in 9 1/2 hours. This year I have done very few long distance runs/walks so the strategy (if you can call "walk 20 miles then see how I feel" a strategy) is less ambitious.

The LDWA do a great job organising the whole event and, if you get to Swanage on time, even provide you with a pasty.

I shall be wearing my Inov-8 Flyrocs for the last time. After 4 good year the uppers have finally started to tear. Just hope the shoe and the wearer make it through the day.


  1. Best of luck - weather looks suitable at least for all those ups n downs on the coast

  2. Thanks looks like it wil not be too hot. It is a beautiful coastline but, you are right after, Kimmeridge I wish it would flatten out a bit.