22 Jun 2011

Lyme Regis - Runners vs. Paddlers

We were planning a trip to North Wales, but unfortunately I had to cancel it. To replace it we came up with another epic adventure for middle age men who should know better. Just think Top Gear but without the budget, cars or sofa based racism.

The plan was to start  at Lyme Regis and make our way back home. Grumpy Old surfskier and his mate paddle while Simon and I run/walk along the Coastal Path. The weather beforehand had been pretty rough but we arrived in Lyme early on Sunday morning full of hope.

The least enjoyable bit of the path is the first sectoin to Charmouth due to the diversions, landslips and sections of road. From Charmouth we followed the Charmouth Challenge route over Stonebarrow to Golden Cap

The day had started fairly calm with some sun but as we moved east the wind picked up and it got cooler. Occasionally looking out to sea we could see no sign of the paddlers. They had planned to head out to sea and then follow a long downwind leg to the end. However because of the rough conditions they had to keep closer to the coast and follow a more zig-zag route.

Seatown, this is where I began to struggle, the hills really starting to hurt. Through Eype, nearly home now.
We clattered down the hill to West Bay wondering when we would see the paddlers.
Taking the sensible option, they had decided to come in at West Bay harbour rather than crash on the beach at Burton. We arrived almost an hour after them so they were pretty cold when we found them sunning themselves behind a wall in the harbour. To pick up the car, we carried on running to Burton Bradstock before returning to West Bay.

Over breakfast with our families the tricky question of the win was discussed. Stopping part way through because you realise the win will be at the expense of a smashed boat does not feel like success. Getting to the end so you can rescue the opposition, that has the smell of victory. But maybe that is just me. There are rumours of a rematch Fathers day 2012.