6 Dec 2010

The Full Monty Cute

Crewkerne Running club organise a great cross country race.  Apparently it is around the grounds of Montecute House but because of the thick freezing fog on Sunday I did not catch a glimpse of the house.  I even managed to not spot one of the trees on Ham Hill and ran into it, but that is another story.

The 10 mile race consists of 10 hills, some of them requiring the use of hands and feet to get up, separated by muddy and icy paths.

My time was 1 hr 58 mins which considering how many hills I had to walk up I am pleased with.  The winners time was 1 hr 11 mins  which is amazing thinking about the hills.  That's it no more running (till next year).

That is me on the far left trying not to fall down the first hill.
Photo gratefully taken from gallery link on website.

Full Monty Cute Website